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Character Name: Leonie Beaumort
Age: 22
Species: Lion-person.
Canon: Aviary Attorney
Canon Point: Days before the Revolution of 1848, just after killing Prosecutor Cocorico and recruiting Jayjay Falcon into her cause.
Character Info: With no wiki currently available, I'll try to make this brief.

Leonie was born into destitution and homelessness. With King Louis XVIII in charge, the wage gap between the rich and the poor has only worsened as the bourgeoisie gain more and more power. The winters are especially harsh, with little to eat and everyone forced to fend for themselves in this difficult landscape. Jean Beaumort, Leonie's father, got desperate to feed his starving daughter. He stole food from the market, hoping to help her survive for a little longer. Unfortunately, a policeman was watching and he was taken away.

Leonie was forced to watch as Jean Beaumort was tried and convicted by the state. The prosecutor, a fresh lawyer out of law school named Severin Cocorico, went as far to say "This man is a thief. This man is a scoundrel. He deserves the harshest possible punishment for his crimes." These words imprinted on the young girl's mind making her aware of just how little the upper class cared for her plight. Jean received a five year sentence and died on his third year. Against all odds, Leonie survived without her father. But the world she lived in, where everyone around her was sick and dying while the police, the government, and the rich enjoyed life to the fullest, filled her with righteous rage. That rage would only grow with time until she, like many others, began plotting a way to overthrow the so-called "Citizen King".

By 1848, Leonie has become the leader of the rebellion. She's gained allies all across the city of Paris and has the backing of Friar Remus, who helps the rebellion hide in the catacombs, where they can navigate safely. The people adore her and she's all too willing to fight for them. As fate would have it, Severin Cocorico has begun an investigation into the rebellion. He's caught in front of the rebel leader with a gun in his hand in front of the corpse of their weapon supplier. He's quickly captured and a mock trial takes place. Upon realizing that this is the same prosecutor from all those years ago, Leonie is ready to enact justice at long last. Suddenly, Jayjay Falcon, a defense attorney, emerges from the shadows. He convinces Leonie to hold a more fair impromptu trial, to let him prove his friend's innocence.

In the game route 4C, Falcon failed to collect enough evidence. Leonie is unconvinced by his argument and executes Cocorico on the spot. Since Falcon has proven himself to be an honorable man of law, she offers him a deal: join her cause and help prosecute the rich fairly when the time arrives... or die here so he can't reveal what he's seen to the police. Falcon reluctantly agrees and Act 3 of this path of the story ends.
Personality: Leonie has been through some shit and she's learned to cope with it in specific ways. She's a very somber, justice focused person. While she can crack jokes and be warm towards people, those moments are few and far in-between. Her extreme focus on overthrowing the King can make her seem cold and professional and she's willing to present that image if it helps her cause.

In her mind, the people of France are unambiguously good. Its likely she's spent a majority of her life surviving thanks to the kindness of others. As soon as she was able, she's done everything to ensure the happiness and continuous life of anyone she can help out. Local children adore Leonie and she's particularly soft towards them. She encourages innocents who don't want to fight to flee the city, in preparation for the fighting that may break out. All she wants is for her people to live happily.

By contrast, she despises everyone that works in government. It was the king's laws that put her family and friends in dire straights, it was the justice system that imprisoned her father, and it the was the bourgeoisie that deemed his reasons irrelevant. For that, they deserve to be punished. She doesn't necessarily want anyone to die. In fact, she'd prefer an nonviolent protest if possible. But she's willing and eager to use violent means to reach her goals if that's what it comes to.

While she view the world in a black and white lens, she puts a lot of value on fairness and honor. Her admiration for Falcon's moral fiber is what leads to his recruitment in 4C, despite being a government worker. In 4B, she even lets him and Cocorico go, since he proved Cocorico's innocence to her. While she tends to keep up a cold, professional front, she becomes more friendly and loyal to people that treat her with respect and equality. In this regard, she can be manipulated by others to follow their wishes. She's still somewhat young and will put her trust in the wrong hands for the sake of feeling respected. She takes betrayal very personally and traitors are dealt with harshly. Nothing will stop her goals, but the safety of her comrades will always come first. Anyone that threatens that is a liability.

Chosen Powers: N/A. Her claws aren't that tough.
Chosen Equipment: Laser Gun and bullet proof clothes sound up her alley.
Relevant Skills: She's a crack shot and can handle a gun with ease.
Character Goals: Leonie really likes the concept of saving kidnapped people from rich assholes. It appeals to her ideals. If she wasn't in a strenuous position, she'd probably volunteer with no hesitation. But with her own revolution to think about, she's immensely focused on trying to get some of these weapons back home with here. As many as she can, enough to overpower the King's guards and obtain victory. Maybe even use it as a threat to nonviolently force the King to abdicate. She's motivated and willing to help, but furthering her own cause does take precedence.

Writing Sample: A thread with Connie


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